What Is a PR Bail Bond?


A PR bail bond or a personal recognizance bail bond is the release of a crime suspect simply by his promise to return for trial. A PR bail bond is given in most minor crimes that have no victim. The law considers several factors before allowing the suspect to leave without any type of restraint including whether he or she is dangerous.
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If you have been arrested, most likely an officer of the law has seen you disobey a law or has reason to suspect it. You're driving erratically and it appears you are impaired by
It means that the judge has allowed you to continue your release on the same bond as was originally agreed to and posted.
A PR bond is a Personal Recognizance Bond. When defendants are released on personal recognizance
The bail bond company is a place that will loan you money to get someone out of jail. Want
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What is a PR Bail Bond?
Unless you're a hardened criminal, the working of our criminal justice system is probably unfamiliar and frightening to you. It is extremely intimidating for the average person to be arrested. Our system acknowledges the delicate balance between the... More »
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