What Is a PR Bond?


PR bonds are bails that take a person's word as security instead of cash. They rely on a gentleman's word that the accused will show up in court when asked to appear in the court. It is an acronym for Personal Recognizance bond.
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If you have been arrested, most likely an officer of the law has seen you disobey a law or has reason to suspect it. You're driving erratically and it appears you are impaired by
A PR bond is a Personal Recognizance Bond. When defendants are released on personal recognizance
What state are you in? Well, let me put it to you this way. Since the (surety)bond was already posted by the judge there's nothing that can be done until his day in court. Otherwise
A PR bond is a personal recognizance bond, which doesn't require cash up front. Ask us anything.
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A court PR bond or personal recognised bond is a signature bond, which involves no property or money as long as the person convicted promises to appear at all ...
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