What is a praecipe for summons?


A praecipe for summons is a legal document that informs a defendant that a lawsuit has been initiated against him or her. It is issued by a court in which the legal proceedings related to the summons will occur. It is also known as a claim form.
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praecipe (or spelled precipe) - A written order directing the issurance of a. specified writ. writ- a written order, under seal, issued by a court, and commanding the. person to whom
It seems I've been summoned to answer this one for you. So, here it goes. A civil summons is a notification that gets delivered to a party named in a lawsuit. This summons orders
The period to serve a civil summons after filing a complaint varies by state and jurisdiction. For example, after filing a lawsuit in federal court, the plaintiff must serve the defendant
In Indiana's foreclosure process, this means that the mortgage company has asked the court to certify a copy of the foreclosure judgment and provide it to the sheriff, so that the
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