What Is a Pram?


A pram is a stroller or a carriage for a baby and is a short form for the term perambulator. Prams are used for the purpose of protecting a baby from overexposure to the sun. The usage of prams became popular during the Victoria Era and the prams at that time consisted of a baby's bed and a half cover.
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Pram Advantages. Prams work well for newborns, who spend a large amount of their time sleeping. Because your newborn cannot hold her head up, a pram can be better for a newborn's
Pram:1:a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed
A pram blanket is another way of saying a stroller blanket. Someone would use a pram blanket as a covering from the elements to protect the child in the stroller.
pram: a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around
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PRAM in computing stands for Parameter random access memory. It contains very important information such as settings for a computer's startup disk and startup volume, time zone, and speaker volume. It is a non-volatile chip and keeps bits of information about the System setting stored between power downs.
A pram is short for the term perambulator, which is essentially a stroller for a baby.
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