What are some platypus predators?


Hawks, owls, snakes, spotted quolls, goannas, feral cats, water rats, eagles and dingoes are all considered to be the natural predators of platypus. The platypus take care of their predator predicament by hunting underwater and living out their lives in well hidden shelters.
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Platypuses have few predators in the wild, because they mainly hunt underwater and live in hidden shelters, from tropical north regions to the sub-alpine areas of southern Australia
Few animals prey on an adult platypus, although goannas and snakes will enter
Platypus bodies measure around 15 inches in length and are covered in fur which is dark brown on the animal's back and is usually gray on its belly. The waterproof upper layer of
The genus and species of the platypus is. Ornithorhynchus anatinus.
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