Bald Eagle Predators?


The biggest predators for the bald eagle are human beings. The bird is highly value in the United States and hence poachers are after the bird. Bald eagle is the official symbol of the united states and is found in the presidential seal, stamps and in money.
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Human are the biggest predator of eagles.
Prey for the bald eagle are mostly small rodents, small
Eagle's nests are usually located high in the largest tree in an area. Eagles occasionally partake in dramatic flight presentations in which a pair meets in midair, locks talons,
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The bald eagle is the national bird and symbol of the United States of America. These majestic birds do not have any natural predators, they are birds of prey. ...
An Eagle mainly lives on mountain tops and places far from humans and other dangers and predators. Others such as the Bald Eagle lives along the coast and on major ...
The bald eagle can live in one of two biomes. They can live in either temperate deciduous forest biomes or taiga biomes. Bald eagles prefer living near large bodies ...
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