What Is a Preliminary Interview?


A preliminary interview is an interview done to shortlist potential candidates, in order to cut selection costs, by allowing only eligible candidates to go through to the further stages in the selection process. Questions asked include one's age, level of education, training, experience and pay expectations.
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A preliminary research design must introduce the proposed study by stating what the study will be investigating, the hypothesis, and the significance of the subject. By completing
A group interview is when all of the potential job candidates will be in the same room and will be asked interview questions. Its best to be relaxed before you go into a group interview
basic, initial, elementary, introductory, first, fundamental, primary, prior.
(Tibetan, sngon-‘gro). A set of preparatory practices undertaken by adherents of Tibetan Buddhism to accumulate sufficient merit (puṇya) to enable the practitioner to
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