What Is a Premium Beer?


A premium beer is a term used to refer to malt beers of around 5% abv. There is no legal definition for premium beer, and the term is used by brewers to market their products. It was first used in an advertising campaign which targeted consumers who are looking for a light beer but want something different from ordinary lager.
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The alcohol content of most of the beers would be from 4 to 6 percent alcohol. Most of the beers have the same level of alcohol, but some of them do have a larger amount of alcohol.
The generally accepted industry definition of premium beer is any beer above 4.2% abv. Today it has largely become a marketing term and is much misused. To me it's a beer from a small
Premium inventory is a type of advertising space that is in high demand. Companies that own this space can sell it for higher rates and make more money from the space. It is inventory
Milwaukee's Best Premium, MillerCoors, 4.3% alcohol,
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