What Is a Prepaid Cell Phone?


Prepaid cell phone is tariff plan whereby subscribers pay as they use the services. Unlike the United States where contract-based cell phone plans are popular, prepaid cell phones are trendy in Europe. Economically, prepaid cell phones are cheaper compared to contract based ones.
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Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Review
Many carriers now offer traditional cell phone plans with no contract, taking away one key advantage prepaid cell phone plans have enjoyed. However, prepaid plans are still usually cheaper. So what's the catch? Our editors... Read More »
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Top Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Reviews
Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk
Est. Price: $35
Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk looks a lot like a traditional cell phone plan --... Read More »
Est. Price: $15
Net10, owned by TracFone, provides service via all four of the nationwide... Read More »
Est. Price: $10
For users looking for simple phones and low-cost plans, TracFone is worth... Read More »
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The best prepaid cell phone is dependent upon your needs. While some companies such as Verizon have better service than most, companies such as Cricket have better prices than most.
1. Determine how much you will be using your cell phone. A general guideline you can follow is estimating how many calls you plan on making each day. 2. You can check out the Internet
1. Visit your local Virgin retail outlet or the company's website. You can also find Virgin Mobile plans at a variety of online retailers, big-box ele
Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Also the best prepaid plan is definitely the new Unlimited everything (including hotspot) plan that just came out. Runs off T-Mobile and at&t's 4G network
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The following prepaid cell phone plans are some of the best in the market: Boost Mobile, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, Net10, GoPhone and Verizon Wireless. However, ...
Prepaid cell phone providers are companies that sell you a cell phone without a contract. You load a predetermined amount of money onto the phone and then you ...
There are various prepaid cell phone that have unlimited texting included in their plans. This includes such prepaid cell phones such as those bought through Virgin ...
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