Primate City?


A primate city refers to the leading city within its country or region that is disproportionately larger than any of the others within urban hierarchy. A 'primate city' has one large city with many other smaller cities and towns, hence no intermediate-sized urban centres, which is in contrast to the linear 'rank-size distribution'.
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Order Primates
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A primate city is the leading town in its country. It is usually excessively larger than any other in the urban hierarchy. The city more often than not comes first in most aspects like politics, wealth, media and way of life.
A primate city is defined as a city that is the leading city in its country or region that is much larger than an other city in the urban area.
A primate city is the main city in a country or region that is so much larger than the rest that it dwarfs all others. It is the center for commerce and distribution for the whole area. You can find more information here:
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