What is a prince?


A prince refers to a general male ruler, monarch or a sovereign. He is also the son or grandson of a king and queen or a non reigning male member of a royal family. This is a hereditary title in the nobility of some European states and the female equivalent is known as a princess.
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To end an ongoing feud between two royal families, the Orsinis and the Colonnas, Pope Benedict XIII in 1725 ordered the heads of each family to serve in the office of Prince Assistant
it is a royal king son.
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(prĭns) n. A male member of a royal family other than the monarch, especially a son of the monarch. A man who is a ruler of a principality. A hereditary male ruler; a king. A
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a nonreigning male member of a royal family.
History/Historical a sovereign or monarch; king.
(in Great Britain) a son or grandson (if the child of a son) of a king or queen.
the English equivalent of any of various titles of nobility in other countries.
a holder of such a title.
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The word 'prince' is generally used to refer a hereditary title in some noble states of Europe. It is an English word derived, through the French word prince, and from the Latin noun 'princeps', meaning 'the most distinguished chief, or ruler. A princess is its feminine equivalent.
A prince can be described as a young male who is a member of a ruling royal family in a monarch and is a son of the King and Queen. It could also refer to Prince the musician, Naseem Hamed a British boxer, Prince Michael Jackson, oldest son of Michael Jackson and Prince Polley a Ghanaian footballer.
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