What does "PRN" stand for in nursing?


Within the field of nursing, "PRN" stands for "pro re nata," a Latin term, which translated loosely means "as needed." According to About.com, health care employers use this term to describe fill-in, part-time, contract and short-term work by nurses and other health professionals.

PRN nurses work within different facilities, with some assignments lasting weeks and others one day at a time. The need arises based on different factors, such as rising patient intake and nurses out on leave. Versatility is a must for PRN nurses, as they can be working not only in different facilities, but also under different policies, with different colleagues and performing different duties. PRN nurses are generally required by hospitals and staffing agencies to be a registered nurse (RN).

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PRN stands for many terms like, Printer, Pseudo Random Noise, Pseudo Random Number, Page Reference Number, Postal Routed Network, Pronoun, Permanent Registration Number and more.
PRNs do exactly the same as all other RNs, but they work on an "as needed" basis. Thanks
prn = pro re nata, Latin 'for the thing born'. Used in medicine - 'as needed' 'as the situation arises'.
In a way nursing has always been around, since women are natural nurses and care for the young. The profession of nursing can be dated back to New Zealand in 1901.
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What Type of Nurse Is a PRN?
Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses and nursing assistants are different categories of nurses. Training for these nurses ranges from college and vocational to on-the-job. Any of these categories of nurses can be PRN,... More »
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