What Does PRN Stand for in Nursing?


A PRN nurse is a nurse who stands in for nurses who are on leave. A PRN nurse can also be called in to assist when there is an extraordinary increase of casualty. PRN is abbreviation for per diem nurse.
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The term PRN is an acronym for "pro re nata, a Latin term meaning "when circumstances require" or "as needed. A PRN nurse is offered available shifts but is not
whenever necessary; as needed.
A PRN is a Practicing Registered Nurse. A registered nurse is a patient care
prn = pro re nata, Latin 'for the thing born'. Used in medicine - 'as needed' 'as the situation arises'.
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What Type of Nurse Is a PRN?
Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses and nursing assistants are different categories of nurses. Training for these nurses ranges from college and vocational to on-the-job. Any of these categories of nurses can be PRN,... More »
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