What Is a PRN Position?


PRN is an acronym for pro re nata. It means when circumstances require. A PRN position is whereby one is scheduled for several shifts in a certain period or when called upon to do some work. These types of positions are mostly required during holidays, at night or weekends.
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The term PRN is an acronym for "pro re nata, a Latin term meaning "when circumstances require" or "as needed. A PRN nurse is offered available shifts but is not
PRN means "as needed" PRN position is referring to a job type. When used as a job classification it is a type of part-time employment. (Full-time is usually 36-40 hours
casual/as needed/contingent.
PRN is a latin term pro re nata which means " as . bad notes, no defence"
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What Is a PRN Nursing Position?
A PRN nurse, also known as a per diem nurse, works on a day-to-day basis to fill in for regularly scheduled nurses who are on leave. A PRN nurse may also be asked to help out regular staff when the patient census abruptly rises.... More »
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A PRN job is a position where an individual is hired for a specific job and will be needed as circumstances arise. However, he will not be subjected to a standard ...
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