Source Oriented Medical Record?


A problem oriented medical record refers to a method of recording data regarding the health status of a patient in a manner that solves the problem. It is usually easy to access data when in this system.
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Illegible notes constitutes one of the major contributors to poor medical records. Too much paper is another problem. Electronic medical record keeping should improve both problems.
It may be intuitive that information retrieval is easier in electronic form than paper, yet until Paul Tang's work in 1994,[2] there was no evidence that a problem even existed with
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an approach to patient care record keeping that focuses on the patient's specific health problems requiring immediate attention, and the structuring of a cooperative health care plan
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The sound of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) first echoed in late 1960's. Until Larry Weeds coined the concept of Problem Oriented Medical Records in medical ...
There are a couple problems that a medical office could have with digital records that contain patient information. If a medical office is completely paperless ...
1. Collect information by having the teacher interview the child. Research and gather information on the child's medical records, environment, academic and any ...
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