What Is a Professional Referral?


Professional referral means the passing of a client between professional personnel in their field of specialization.
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In the social service sector, referral is the transfer of care for a client from one service provider to another.
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Professional referral is when a person is referred from one professional care worker or social worker to another for advice or treatment. It can be of professional exchange and networking or professional services.
Professional referral is known as the passing of a client between professional personnel. It is of different types and some of these are; professional exchange, professional network and professional service.
In a job application, a professional referral is a referee who has done business with the one being referred, or has been their colleague in a work setting. Such referees are usually better to give than personal referrals as professional referrals will be able to give examples of your work. People usually rely on this type of referral based on the credibility of the one referring them.
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