What Is a Promotion?


Jeanine Prather (small business consultant, Prather Associates)
A promotion is a type of marketing initiative which can include discounted pricing or product samples in an effort to increase visibility within a target market. 2) An increase in compensation and responsibilities to an employee.
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advancement in rank or position.
furtherance or encouragement.
the act of promoting.
the state of being promoted.
something devised to publicize or advertise a product, cause, institution, etc., as a brochure, free sample, poster, television or radio commercial, or personal appearance.
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Promotion is a situation when someone is raised to a higher or more important position or rank.
Promotion is an act of furthering the ideals of a body or a commodity by using strategic communication methodology on a target audience. It could also infer to the act of increasing the hierarchy level of an employee. All in all, the act carries with it the element of appraisal.
A promotion is a kind of activity that supports the continuance of a cause, venture or an aim. This term can also be defined as the act of creating awareness on a certain product by an organisation.
Promotions is a word that may mean a number of things depending on the context on which it has been used. It may be used to mean an activity that enhances a certain cause or activity. It may also mean creating awareness on a certain product or service with the purpose of increasing sales.
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A promotion is when you have a product you are trying to sell and you need that extra push for sales. A promotions normally features the best things within a product.
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A promotion is when you have a product you are trying to sell and you need that extra push for sales. A promotions normally features the best things within a product ...
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