What Is a Puggle?


Puggle is a crossbreed dog that is the result of a beagle parent and a pug parent. These dogs are sweet and intelligent having a black or fawn coat and a dark muzzle as well as eyes.
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A puggle is what you get when you mix a pug and a beagle. It is a breed that is rapidly growing in popularity. Most of them are bigger than a pug and slightly smaller than a beagle. You can find more information here: puggle.org
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A puggle is a new hybrid breed of dog that is created by breeding a small female beagle with a male pug. They are very low maintenance and do great with children. Look here for more
A puggle is a type of mixed breed dog. It is made up of 1/2 pug and 1/2 beagle. They are usually a light tan color. My puggle loves snow is really playful! Emma123 part pug part beagle
1. Feed your puggle according to your veterinarian's directions. Avoid excessive feeding, as puggles can be prone to obesity. 2. Walk your puggle on a leash or play with it in a fenced
Puggles are a breed of dog that is a mix of a pug and a beagle. They are so adorable! Thanks for
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A puggle is an extremely cute type of dog. The puggle dog is a mix between a pug and a poodle. The puggle will only weigh about seven to ten pounds. ...
Puggles are a very good family pet. If you train your Puggle properly they will be very rewarding for years to come. Always remember to be consistent, remove all ...
Puggle may weigh 13 to 18 kg on average. They can be a variety of colours and patterns depending on the uniqueness inherited from the parents. ...
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