What is a PUK code?


You can determine your PUK code (Personal Unblocking Key) by checking on your PUK code in your SIM card wallet. The mobile phone's SIM card also has a four numeral PIN code allowed by default for unblocking.
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You can acquire the proper PUK code in a number of ways. While calling your wireless provider for assistance may seem like a hassle, the representative will give you the code and
what is the puk code.
A Puk2 Code is a security code on your phone so unauthorized users are not accessing your SIM
My phone saed enter the puk so i entered random numbers and then it said enter your sim card and i did and it still wont work will someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me!!!!
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PUK stands for personal unblocking key, and it's a code that's associated with a mobile phone SIM card. If you enter the pin code incorrectly three times, a lock will be put onto the SIM card, and you need a PUK code to unlock it. You will need to contact your network operator to get your SIM card unlocked. It?s only your mobile phone network operator that can legally provide you with a PUK code to unlock your SIM card.
PIN Unlock Key (PUK) or A PIN Unlock Code (PUC) is secret code whose main purpose is to help in unblocking blocked cards. This feature is used for security purposes to authenticate the owner of the phone or line, after one enters the PIN number and it fails a number of times.
A PUK code is a set of numbers that helps to unblock a blocked card. It is also sometimes called A PIN unlock code. The initials PUK stand for PIN Unlock Key. The codes are usually card specific.
PUK code is a feature of personal identification number protection used in GSM mobile phones. PUK returns the original unlocked state if your SIM card is blocked. If wrong PUk is entered ten times consecutively, the device will become permanently blocked and unrecoverable.
PIN Unlock Key is used in GSM mobile phones and some smartcards to unblock a blocked card.
A persons PUK code is located in the packet that the Sim Card came in or can be obtained, by enquiring from the service provider. PUK is the code that is required to unlock a GSM SIM card after it has disabled itself when an incorrect PIN code was entered 3-5 times in a row.
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You will be prompted to unlock a Nokia phone with the PUK code if you should happen to enter your pin code incorrectly three times. PUK codes are available from ...
A PUK code is a Personal Unblock Code. It is used to unlock a device if it has been locked due to incorrect log-in. It is generally and eight digit code. ...
The PUK (personal unlocking key) is a security add-on that protects the information located on a SIM card.If there is a mistake entering a SIM card PIN code, the ...
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