PUK Code for My T Mobile?


PUK is a code required to unlock a GSM SIM card for your mobile phone that has disabled itself after entering the incorrect PIN code 3-5 times in a row. if an incorrect PUK code is entered more than five times the SIM card will permanently block or disable itself. A method of unblocking is either contacting your service provider or use the P.U.K number usually found on the sim card holder/package.
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Personal Unblocking Key. Phone your network or call into one of their shops. You will need to verify you are the rightful owner by giving them your password etc. This service is free
PUK code is NOT standard, it is handset AND network specific. Call your Mobile Network provider and ask them for it.
A PIN Unlocking Key is an eight-digit numeric code that's unique to each SIM card. The PUK code is used to enable a SIM card that has been blocked as a security precaution. SIM cards
A PUK phone is a code tied to the SIM card to unlock a locked phone. A PUK (Personal
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PUK stands for Personal Unblocking Code. This acts as a security feature on your mobile. To protect you in the event of theft, the SIM card is immediately locked if someone keys in three different incorrect PIN codes in succession.
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