What Is a Quick Way to Sober up?


There are six ways to sober up quickly and they include taking some type of preventative pill such as the chaser pill and exercise is a great way to get sober as it helps get your body alert and awake. In addition, give yourself an energy jolt by drinking caffeine such as an energy drink or coffee, meditation and concentrations helps, get enough sleep and eat a full meal and drink a lot of water.
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1. Try an alcohol antidote pill, such as Chaser. Chaser pills have activated calcium carbonate and charcoal that attracts and absorbs cogeners (toxic chemicals found in liquor) It
It may seem bizarre, but exercise is a great way to get sober. It helps get your
there is none, sleep i suppose.
You can't sober up quickly unless you throw up the alcohol in your stomach, but then it will remain in your blood. Once alcohol is in your blood the best you can do is wait and drink
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