What Is a Quoin?


A quoin refers to the external angle of a wall or building or any of the stones and bricks that form such an angle. It can also mean a cornerstone or a wedge or expanding mechanical device that is used for locking letterpress forms into chase, or s wedge that raises the level of a gun barrel and keeps it from rolling.
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[koin, kwoin]
an external solid angle of a wall or the like.
one of the stones forming it; cornerstone.
any of various bricks of standard shape for forming corners of brick walls or the like.
a wedge-shaped piece of wood, stone, or other material, used for any of various purposes.
Printing. a wedge of wood or metal for securing type in a chase.
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1. Measure the dimensions of the space where the trimmed quoin will be placed. Get a height measurement if you need to reduce the height of the quoin. Get a length measurement if
also coign (koin, kwoin) n. An exterior angle of a wall or other piece of masonry. Any of the stones used in forming such an angle, often being of large size and dressed or arranged
Quoins (noun) means 1. An exterior angle of a wall or other piece of masonry, 2. A keystone. Thanks
Stone quoins are L shaped stone pieces that are typically used to protect the corners of brick and stone houses. They can measure to be square or staggered depending on the style
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The word quoin has vey many meanings; t could mean a solid exterior angle in a building, or to support and steady a stone, or a mechanical wedge that is used to ...
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