Facts about a Rain Gauge?


A rain gauge refers to an instrument used to measure the amount of rainfall over a given period of time. There are several types of rain gauge such as the tipping bucket gauge, weighing gauge and the graduated cylinder.
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Rain gauge is the instrument used to measure the amount of rainfall occur.
The standard rain gauge was first introduced in the early part of the 20th century. It consists of a funnel attached to a graduated cylinder. The cylinder fits into a larger container
A rain gauge measures rainfall and other precipitation such as heavy dew and mist. It is essential to know the amount of moisture and water in the ground. This can help people like
If you are referring to string gauge, it is usually approximately .1mm to .5mm range. The finer the strings, the more flexibility, but they are also less durable and may break easily
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What Are Rain Gauges Used For?
Society has recorded and measured rainfall for at least 500 years, but it is likely this practice goes back much further. Rain gauges are a simplistic and relatively accurate tool to measure the amount of rainfall in an area for professional and amateur... More »
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A rain gauge is a meteorological device or instrument used to collect and measure the amount of rainfall. It is made of a tapering funnel of a copper or polyester which allows the rainwater to be collected in a bottle for accurate measurement.
A rain gauge is used to measure the amount of rain that has come down over a certain period of time. A lot of the rain gauges measure the amount in millimeters.
A rain gauge is a flat bottomed container with depth measurements on it that is used to measure how many inches of rain the area where it is placed receives.
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The first standardized rain gauge was invented by Prince Munjong and King Sejong of Korea in 1441. It was used as a means to help measure farmers' potential harvest ...
A rain gauge is the instrument used to measure rainfall. The scientific term for the instrument is an udometer. ...
The instrument used in measuring rainfall is a rain gauge. The rain water will be gathered and measured as per the set period of time. The units used to measure ...
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