What Is a Rambler Style Home?


A rambler style home is architectural style first built in the 1920?s in the United States also known as a ranch-style house. A rambler style home has little decoration, low profile and is often linked with the tract housing boom starting in the 1940?s through the 1970?s.
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They are single story, low roof styled houses. Need more info? Text back with "MORE. !
Ranch style homes are ramblers, but not all ramblers are ranch style. A rambler is a house with no second floor.
Medieval homes built during the Tudor era used a technique called half-timbering, which is a distinctive style of construction that filled in the spaces of the structural timbers
It's the same. Rancher is known as American Ranch, Western Ranch, or California Rambler, Ranch Style houses. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 01:54AM EST
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A rambler style house is are also known as ranch style houses. They were extremely popular in the mid-twentieth century.
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