What Is a Rank of Firewood?


Ranking firewood is the term to stack the logs parallel to each other. Its the proper way to stack wood when measuring to buy by the cord.
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The term rank comes from the phrase "ranked and well stowed, a reference to the standard method of stacking firewood compactly with each piece parallel. Properly ranked wood
What is the best firewood to use with a wood burning stove? The best firewood is one that generates good heat, burns a long time and doesn't produce sparks. Choosing the right firewood
Various components within wood turn to vapor when heated, and the vapor pressure releases forcibly, causing cracking or popping. The most common components are water or sap. If there
Using firewood would have an advantage vs the use of electricity, because it is easily available and convenient to find, unlike electricity, of which its source we are all dependent
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What Is a Rank of Firewood?
Some say rank, others say rick, but both are ultimately the same thing -- a slang term for a cord, or the traditional unit of measure for firewood.... More »
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