What Is a Rehoming Fee?


A rehoming or adoption fee is generally charged by a shelter or adoption agency. This nominal fee is used to offset the cost of care of the animal, necessary shots, and spaying and neutering costs.
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This is a popular way of getting around a ban on selling animals on Craig's List.
I've always been anti-rehoming fees. Take the time and research (read: VISIT IN PERSON) the place where the pet is going. People should stop using money (i.e. "rehoming fee"
On sites like Craigslist you are prohibited from selling household pets such as: puppies, kittens, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians but you are allowed to charge a "rehoming
We do take in owner surrender pets when we have the space. There is a surrender fee per animal and we ask that all vet records accompany the animal. We will also ALWAYS gladly post
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A rehoming fee is a fee a new pet owner is charged when adopting a new pet. The term 'rehoming fee' is relatively new. It is a way to make money for people with pets they are giving up.
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