What Is a Relief Map?


A relief map refers to a map that shows the hills and valleys through shading instead of using contour lines alone. Usually, the elevations and depressions represent the hills and valleys and the scale used is normally exaggerated.
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1. Read around the base of the relief map to locate the map's scale. The scale is the ratio of distance on the map to the real world distance. For example, if the map shows 1:20,
high relief map is a map with a lot of mountains, or a lot of different elevations.
( ′plas·tik ri′lēf ′map ) (mapping) A topographic map printed on plastic and then molded by heat and pressure into a three-dimensional form to emphasize
A releif map is a map that shows the changes in elevation of whatever it is mapping. Topographic
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A relief or topographic map shows the terrain and features of an area, which may be represented by color, contour lines or shading. Raised relief maps are three dimensional and to scale.
A relief map is an elevation map; it depicts how far a specific area is above sea level, documenting its every curve, peak, and slope. A relief map may be either two-dimensional or three-dimensional.
A relief map is a two-dimensional map that uses symbols to indicate the terrain of an area. A three-dimensional representation is called raised-relief map.
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A relief map is a type of map, which shows the kind of landscapes or geographical features that are present in a particular place. Some of these geographical features ...
A map that shows physical boundaries is referred to as a Topographical Map. It is characterised by large-scale details and a quantitative representation of relief ...
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