What Is a Reputable Source to Buy a R4i Card for Nintendo DSI?


There are many reputable sources for buying a R4I card for your Nintendo DSI. You should check out the selection at your local Best Buy, Radio Shack, or gamer store.
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No not in a open shop, that is illegal. But there are some shops where you can buy them secretly. Once again they are illegal.
The way they work for games is that the card tricks your DSi in to thinking it has the actual game in the slot when in fact it simply has all the data for the game, in the way of
You should get a small sd card a ds game sized cartridge and an adapter or sd card usb otherwise you were ripped off. You insert the small sd card into the sd adapted or the sd card
You can easily put the music in your nintendo dsi r4i card but make sure that the music is in the AAC format. this is because the nintendo dsi cannot recognise the other formats of
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