What Is a Responsible Citizen?


A responsible citizen is one who works honestly to earn a living, pays taxes, is a good neighbour, protects and is a good role model for his or her family, pays their bills on time, contributes to a said charity and is patriotic to his or her country.
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In his 1946 essay "Take Back Your Government, science fiction author Robert A.Heinlein states that his own experience in politics showed him that most politicians are good people
"U.S. citizen means a person obligated to comply with U.S. laws. Therefore a U.S. citizen: Obeying Laws. Paying Taxes. Jury Duty. Serve as a Witness. Register for the Draft.
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Citizenship in a democracy requires participation, & civility. A government
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In the UK, a responsible citizen is one who takes legal, social and moral obligations. Being a responsible citizen covers many areas and helps have a happy and harmonious community.
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