What Is a Responsible Citizen?


A responsible citizen is one who works honestly to earn a living, pays taxes, is a good neighbour, protects and is a good role model for his or her family, pays their bills on time, contributes to a said charity and is patriotic to his or her country.
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You must be a citizen of the United States to vote. This is done to ensure that no outside parties that have interests against the United States can influence our elections. A citizen
I would say that one responsibility of government is to make the basic necessities available and within reach of all citizens.
Responsibilities of U.S. citizens include, voting, can be called to...
Qualifications. Each country has their own set of qualifications for how to become citizens, but typically, a child born within a country's borders is a citizen of that country. In
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In the UK, a responsible citizen is one who takes legal, social and moral obligations. Being a responsible citizen covers many areas and helps have a happy and harmonious community.
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