Retracted Eardrum?


A retracted eardrum is a condition in which a part of the ear drum lies deeper inside the ear than its usual position. This condition usually occurs when the eardrum gets dragged into the space behind it.
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Go to the doctors regualarly and see if its getting better.
When an eardrum is retracted or is in a retracting position, it has shifted or sucked into the middle ear. This can happen for a number of reasons including: an ear infection, or
You should read all you can about it. Also get more than one examination. Many doctors are more concerned about money than their patients and will tell them anything that pays off
Better go see an ear-nose-throat doctor. Don't do that yourself.
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A retracting eardrum is a condition in which the eardrum shifts from its normal position to the middle ear position. It is caused by disease infection in the ear. It may also be caused by bulging of the ear drum due to changes in pressure. The condition is curable if treated in its early stages. The symptoms include a sharp pain in the ear and difficulty in hearing.
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