What Is a Reward System?


A reward system is the standards, rules and procedures associated with the compensation and allocation of benefits or rewards to employees for a job well done. It also refers to the collection of brain structures that try to control and regulate behaviour by inducing pleasure.
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Employees want to be involved in the company, and they want to feel like they are moving up in the company structure. According to the March 6, 2006 issue of "Fortune" magazine
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It's a way of having people work harder. If 10 people work for the same company and half do not show any effort the other half will also give up. If you reward those that work harder
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This can either be a formal or informal program or system that is applied to acknowledge the achievements of individual employees, such as an employee’s successful completion of a company’s goals or projects. It could also be an acknowledgement of an employee’s submission of ideas that are creative.
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