What Is a Rhino's Habitat?


A rhino's habitat is grassland or savannah. It feeds on a large amount of vegetation opening spaces for new plants to grow. It also helps to fertilise the soil and deposit seeds with their dung.
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Rhinoceroses live in subtropical and tropical Asia and Africa. They usually live in grasslands, wetlands, and tropical rainforests.
The Rhino features a small-vehicle design. It can seat two passengers side-by-side, and it sports a small bed for cargo behind the driver and passenger. In this regard, the Rhino
The favored habitat of leopards is thick bush areas within forests and rocky surroundings, but this mammal is diverse and adapts well to both warm and cold climates around the globe
Rhinos habitats are found in damp lands and savvanahs. They are mostly in Africa. = (people be nice to one another)
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