What is a Ridge Vent?


A ridge vent is basically an air vent that is installed across the entire length of a roof. It's purpose is to allow humid air to escape from the attic of a home.
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What Is a Ridge Vent?
A house roof---to be as free of decay as possible---needs ventilation. One way to achieve this is to install gable vents. These are window-like, immovable louvered frames in the outside walls of houses. They extend through the siding just blow the roof... More »
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Vent There are a number of ridge vent materials on the market. One type is a coarse, spongy strip of material just under the topmost course of shingles, the shingles that run linearly
Those last few nails can not be hidden with shingle. What the guides fail to mention or show is that you're supposed to put a dab of tar (preferably roof repair tar with fibers in
ventilation in your attic is very important. If you don't use ridge vent, you should use some type of roof vent placed close to the peak. I live in Minnesota which has a long heating
Katharine, Thanks for your question. Most metal roofing manufacturers either offer matching ridge vents for their roof systems or they have instructions on adapting standard off-the-shelf
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To install a ridge vent you will need, a ridge vent, roofing nails, some shingles, a flat bar, a hammer, a chisel, an extension ladder and a circular saw. ...
1. Remove the shingles that make the ridge cap of the roof. Measure down from the ridge of the roof. Measure the required space needed for the chosen ridge vent ...
1. Climb onto the roof and carefully peel the shingles off the ridge cap to reuse on the new ridge vent. Peel away the shingles until you reach the gable end, ...
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