What Is a Right Angle?


A right angle is an angle that is exactly 90 degrees. When an angle is 90 degrees, one leg of the angle is perfectly horizontal, and the other is perfectly vertical. It is the best angle for creating stable structures. You can find more information here: http://www.mathsisfun.com/rightangle.html
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right angle
the angle formed by two radii of a circle that are drawn to the extremities of an arc equal to one quarter of the circle; the angle formed by two perpendicular lines that intersect; an angle of 90°.
Source: Dictionary.com
A right angle is an angle that is exactly 90 degrees. A square and a rectangle are shapes made with right angles. A right triangle has one angle that is 90 degrees.
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There are 90 degrees in a right angle. The two line segments that form the right angle are said to be perpendicular. Any two right angles are supplementary angles ...
The right angle congruence theorem states that all right angles are congruent. The degree of a right angle is 90 degrees. Being congruent means having the same ...
Shapes with right angles include squares, right angled triangles and rectangles. A right angle refers to one that measures ninety degrees, which can be easily ...
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