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A ring guard or ring insert, on the Other hand, is a double band held together by bars on the bottom of the shank. The solitaire engagement ring fits snugly into the middle of the ring insert/ring guard. In this style of enhancer, the centre stone is completely surrounded by either metal or stones. Essentially, the ring guard envelops the solitaire. The look achieved by using the insert is a complete bridal set.
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1. Purchase a ring guard. They're available at many local jewelry stores, or you can find them online. Ring guards are available in gold and silver to match whatever ring you choose
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Ring guards are pieces of metal or plastic that can be put on rings to adjust their fit without damaging the ring or your finger. They are easy to put on and remove; you only need pliers to bend the ring guard around the ring. They come in all sizes and colours to match your ring and ensure comfort and stability.
A ring guard is a piece of metal that fits into the bottom of a ring to make it fit your finger better. They work well when a girl is going to wear a boys class ring and the ring is much too big to fit her finger. You can buy one for about $5.00.
A ring guard is a piece of metal that is attached to the ring that could serve in many functions. A ring guard can stop the ring from moving around on the finger. A ring guard can also make the ring fit better on the finger.
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