What Is a Roxy Drug?


Roxy' is a slang term for roxicodone, a form of oxycodone. This drug is usually prescribed for pain but produces an euphoric effect, which is why some people use it as a recreational drug. Roxicodone is a type of opiate drug; opiates are derived from opium and are very addictive. It is best to consult your GP if you have come into contact with roxies.
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Roxy is the street name for Oxycodone. like ICE for Meth.
Rox, or Roxanne is a slang term usually used when referring to crack/cocaine. Thanks for using
Not Medical Advice: Roxy's are short for Roxicodone. It's used to treat moderate to severe pain.
respiratory (breathing) altered level of consciousness, pinpoint pupils (eyes) Little change with weed, bad news with alcohol. Source(s) PA. retired inner city medic.
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Do you mean roxicodone drugs? Brand Name roxicodone has an imprint of 54710 and is a green round pill made by Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals.
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