What is a RSA qualification?


To qualify for an OCR (RSA) Examination the following are the pre-requisites: You should be able to type about 25 words per minute and be a reasonably proficient user of a suitable word processing application such as Microsoft Word version 2000 or XP (or similar). The course involves typing, word processing and printing business documents including, letters, reports and memoranda. It also includes learning abbreviations and presentation techniques, moving and copying text, inserting Headers and Footers, emphasising text and changing the line length.
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It's the Royal Society of Arts & Manufactories. The exams were set up by them as an alternative to academic exams. Many people didn't get to do academic stuff and had to leave
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An RSA (Royal Society of Arts and manufactories) is a special type of assessment that tests an individual's level of skill proficiency or competence with certain skills that are important and non-academic to some level; such as proficiency in typing, word processing, secretarial, and shorthand maths. These skills are like any other additional courses that individuals perform to their level of work performance or proficiency in executing certain functions.
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