What Is a Salon Junior?


The term salon junior refers to an assistant stylist in a hair salon. A salon junior basically receives directives from the senior stylist who, at most times, is usually the owner of the hair salon.
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A salon junior is an assistant to the senior stylist in a hair salon. They are required to follow the directives of the senior stylist. They carry out minor tasks in the salon such as washing and preparing clients for their stylist.
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A salon junior just assists e.g. Like they help proper hairdressers and stuff and they don't earn that much and they sometimes go to college once a week.
they are the new ones and usually the youngest ones starting their training. The have to do all the menial tasks and work like cleaning up after the qualified staff. You don't stay
Junior stylist in Atlanta do the same thing as Master stylist. They just cost less/ don't get paid as much. If your boss wants the salon cleaned he should hire some assistants or
It means Sharon Junior.
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