What Is a Samsung S8000?


A Samsung S800, also known as a Samsung Jet, is touch screen phone model that was released in 2009 by Samsung. It has a new WebKit browser called dolphin which will be widely available on all Samsung phones in the future. It is said to be smarter than a Smartphone because of the advanced features it has.
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Samsung S8000 is also known as Samsung Jet, is a touch screen released in June 2009 by Samsung. It features an 800 MHz processor and a new WebKit browser called Dolfin, which will be available on Samsung phones in the future.
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1. Go to the configuration's menu by tapping the "Menu" on your screen. Choose "Settings" from the list of options that appears. Wait for a new list of options
Each PUK code is unique to it's SIM card. Not the phone itself or the service provider. If your a registered member on their site, you can log in and get your PUK code from there.
Hello The link below should be of help. Click HERE to navigate. Feel free to let me know if you nee any further assistance. Kind regards Andrea
The exact price of Samsung's new ES8000 TV's have not been released
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