What Is a School Ethos?


School ethos refers to the framework that a school sets to facilitate learning in a safe, ordered and secure environment. It reflects the schools beliefs while its values helps set a good and tolerable school environment.
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The Greek word “logos” means “word,” “speech” or “reason.” In persuasion, it is the logical reasoning behind the author’s statements
they are communication techniques used to persuade someone or something. Ethos (Credibility) or. ethical appeal. means convincing by the character of the author. We tend to believe
Pathos, Ethos and Logos are the three modes of persuasion in rhetoric. Pathos
Ethos = Non-Rationale part of the culture, which comes collectively, like Germans are very disciplined. Edios = Rationale part of a culture, like Indians dont eat meat. This was done
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School ethos is a centre on a schools culture, spirit and its values system. Ethos is concerned with people and how they are treated, how they treat others and the values and expectations that underpin these relationships. Ethos of a school is the result of the collective effect of thousands of actions, interactions, words and ways. Ethos is cumulative and can only change gradually by collectively promoting, adhering to and insisting upon meeting the school's values and expectations.
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