What Is a Scientific Theory Give an Example?


Scientific theory explains specific scientific observations. Theories must be falsifiable, and can be expressed with in some formal system of logic.
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E=MC2. Einsteins theory of relativity.
Some scientific laws, or laws of nature, include the law of gravity,
First of all, by considering only "major scientific theories" you are already limiting yourself to theories that already have a lot of evidence supporting them. In that
A scientific hypothesis is an educated guess of what will happen in the experiment. A scientific theory is someone's thoughts on why something happened in an experiment. However,
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A Scientific Theory is a concept verified by observations and expressed in verifiable scientific form. An example of a scientific theory is Albert Einstein's Theory of Telativity. He proposed this theory based on his calculations and it was later verified by observation.
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Scientific law is an account that is based on a repetitive experimental scrutiny, which illustrates some portion of the world. An example of scientific law is ...
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