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A scientist in a broad sense is one engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge. In a more restricted sense, a scientist is an individual who uses the scientific method to acquire knowledge by investigating and experimenting with facts. The person may be an expert in one or more areas of science.
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The literal definition of a scientist is a person with advance knowledge of one or more sciences. A scientist is also a person who links themselves to a school of thought or philosophy
Food scientists specialize in improving how processed foods are created, packaged and stored. Their duties are often wide-ranging. They research basic techniques such as canning,
A scientist is someone engaged in the observation, analysis, or experimental study of the physical world (science). Scientists include those engaged in theoretical as well as physical
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Scientists are people who actively engage in the pursuit of knowledge, using systematic and scientific methods.
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A scientist is simply a person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences. These include physics, biology, chemistry, history among others. Scientists study the world, do experiments and create theories about things.
The word scientist refers to a person who deals with or studies one or more of the physical or natural sciences in order to acquire knowledge. This person uses a scientific approach or method to gain knowledge.
Scientists are people with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences. Scientists use systematic methods to study the world around them. They use an organized approach to observe and study the world.
A scientist refers to individuals who use the scientific method.
A scientist is someone who researches to gain knowledge of things by using the scientific method. They can be an expert in one or more areas.
A scientist is any person who seeks knowledge and goes about acquiring it is a systematic and logical way. Most have a degree in one of more fields of scientific study. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientist
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The main role of scientists is to identify a problem, carry out different types of research and come up with a possible solution for the problem. Scientists are ...
A botanist is a plant scientist. They study all forms of plant life both in the natural setting and in laboratories. Plant scientists' work can be applied in environmental ...
A scientist can be defined as a person who has expert knowledge in one or more sciences, e.g. physics or chemistry. Scientists attempt to solve certain problems ...
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