What Is a Screw Finder?


Screw finders are adapters for electric drills that are usually packaged with a bit set. They are a quarter inch thick shaft, and about three inches long, with a connector on one end and a hole on the other to accept the drill bits. The shaft part slides to hold screws in place so that it does not wobble while you are trying to screw it in.
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It is a screwdriver drill bit for slotted screws. If you've tried to drive a slotted screw with a drill you know how hard that can be. The screw finder is a sleeve that fits over
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A screw Boss finder/holder works as outer sleeve slides over screw to keep bit in screw recess and holds screw in correct starting position without wobbling or disengaging from bit. The bits are tough and fracture resistant for long life, and easily drive long deck and wood screws. Their basic purpose is to keep the screwdriver tip in the head of the screw as it's being installed.
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