What Is a Server Address?


A server address is a unique address that is assigned to a particular server and used to route information to the server. The server address is similar to the Internet Protocol address (IP address), which is assigned to devices in a network.
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The proxy server offers a member of the general public virus protection and anonymity. Any request for a Web page involves the user's computer divulging certain information to the
this is the IP address of the proxy server this let you actcess the internet over a network that can filler what you can visted
The client and the server are usually, but not always, separate devices, which is why client/server architecture is sometimes called a "two tier" architecture. A server
If your dad is in another house then you will need to know _his_ internet IP address, the one he connects to the internet with. If your dad is in the same house as you then you will
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What Is a Server Address?
Like a street address, devices on a network have unique addresses used to route information to them. There are several methods for establishing and using a server address on a network.... More »
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