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Shank is the lower part of the leg. However, it may also refer to a cut of meat, an action game, a thriller set in futuristic London, a play by Richard Vincent, a poor golf shot and wading birds in the genus Tringa among others.
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Anatomy the part of the lower limb in humans between the knee and the ankle; leg.
a corresponding or analogous part in certain animals.
the lower limb in humans, including both the leg and the thigh.
a cut of meat from the top part of the front (foreshank) or back (hind shank) leg of an animal.
a narrow part of various devices, as a tool or bolt, connecting the end by which the object is held or moved with the end that acts upon another object.
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A shank is also known as a shin and is a part of the meat in an animal. It is the portion that is located around the tibia, which is the leg bone beneath the knee. Commonly available
Race to the ball. Immediately upon seeing the shanked pass run to get underneath it. Get there in time the ball stays in play. Drop to your knees when necessary, to get underneath
Wool, usually containing hair fibers, from below the knees and hocks.
1 Wash and trim the shanks. For this recipe you're going to need about 5 lbs. (about 2.5 kg) of lamb shanks. This is about 6 good size shanks. Wash the shanks and remove some of the
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The shank is part of the leg between the knee and ankle or; The part of a tool that ...
A shank is said to be the front leg of beef, veal, lamb or pork. It would follow, therefore, that a pork shank is the front leg of pork and though very flavourful ...
A shank bone refers to long bone of the forelimb or the arm, which generally pulls out from the shoulder to the elbow. This kind of a bone is mostly found in human ...
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