What Is a Short Shifter?


A short shifter is an automotive modification of the existing manual transmission gear lever. The purpose of this short shifter is to increase performance in vehicles by mechanically reducing the time between shifting gears while accelerating and decelerating.
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A true short shifter is not just a shorter shifter, but one that reduces the angle that the shift lever travels from gear to gear. Simply shortening the lever does shorten the distance
Minimizes the time between the moment you depress the clutch in gear n and the
Short shifter allows the shift motion to be faster by making the shift lever shorter. Less motion, faster shifts. Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days. Error, no keyboard - press
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What Is a Short Shifter?
A "short shifter," also commonly referred to as a "short shift kit," is car-enthusiast speak for a redesigned or modified mechanism that shortens the distance the gear shift must travel when shifting to another gear. High quality shift kits improve the... More »
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