What Is a Singlet?


A singlet is a shirt that is sleeveless and worn as an undergarment or in place of a shirt. It can also refer to a shirt that has had its sleeves cut off. In theoretical physics, a singlet state is used to refer to a quantum state that has no or zero spin.
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a sleeveless athletic jersey, especially a loose-fitting top worn by runners, joggers, etc.
a single unit; an unpaired or separate item.
Chiefly British a man's undershirt or jersey.
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The term singlet is used by Australians and New Zealanders to describe the same piece of clothing that is referred to in the United Kingdom as a vest, and in the U.S. as an undershirt
It's "a word that isn't in the dictionary, but probably should be. This was made popular in the early 80's on the HBO show called Not Necessarily the News. Some sniglet examples
A singlet is: an athletic jersey; or, an excited state of an atom o...
n. Chiefly British. A man's jersey undershirt. Physics. A multiplet with a single member.
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