What is a six-sided polygon called?


A six sided polygon is known as a hexagon. The total sum of the angles of a hexagon is 720 degrees. A polygon is a closed figure that is made up of line segments. In mathematics, there are regular polygons and irregular polygons.
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A six-sided polygon is called a Hexagon. The sum of the angles of a hexagon is 720 degrees.
The name of a 1999 sided polygon is Chiliaenneahectaenneacontaenneagon.
Its called a 200,000-gon. Search it up before criticizing me. :P.
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A six sided polygon is called a hexagon. The sum of its angles is 720 degrees. It is a regular polygon where all the sides and interior angles are equal. It also lacks curved sides and intersecting lines.
A six sided member of the polygon family would be called the hexagon. It has an interior angle of 120 degrees. If it had five sides, it would be called a pentagon.
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