What Is a Size 10 in Inches?


Being a size 10 is equivalent to being 30 inches. This, though, only applies to clothes such as trousers and it may vary by an inch. When it comes to shoes, being a size 10 in British measurements is equivalent to being a size 44.5 in other European countries.
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A women's size 10 shoe is 10.31 inches long.
UK Size 10: Bust: 34-35 inches Waist: 27-28 inches Hips: 36-37 inches US Size 10: Bust: 37-38 inches Waist: 29.5-30.5 inches Hips: 39.5-40.5 inches Source(s): Jelly baby, a US size
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A sixe 10 in the UK means a person who has a bust of 34-35 inches, waist of 27-28 inches and hips of 36-37 inches. These values might vary from one place to another therefore; one is advised to take their actual measurements.
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