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A sorority is a small faction of women working together and who closely interact. A sorority is actually a sisterhood. In most cases, sororities are fundamentally idealistic and committed to high standards and worthwhile endeavours. The guiding standard of every sorority is to develop the maximum potential of every member according to her personal skills, talents, and personality.
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[suh-rawr-i-tee, -ror-]
a society or club of women or girls, especially in a college.
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A sorority is a female group of college students that gather together throughout their college careers. A sorority hosts many college events and involves student participation in a variety of different sorority functions.
A sorority is basically like a sisterhood. Sororities are formed in college, specifically bigger universities where a bunch of girls move in together in housing units that allow them to build lifelong friendships.
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A sorority is a group of girls from different backgrounds that get together all for a common goal. They often do volunteer work together.
1. Learn the rules of rush-and follow them. Most campuses have strict rules when it comes to rush. Violating these rules, whether knowingly or not, is considered a major faux pas
a sorority is a group of girls who take an oath into sister hood. They get involved in community affairs and have an annual philanthropy event.
sisterhood between all women but specifically for women with children. http://www.sigmabetaxi.org/qa/index.cfmSee entire page » You can request an application on line or in
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