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The word speaker refers to a person who delivers a speech or lecture or one who speaks. This word is also used in reference to an electric transducer that changes electrical signals into sounds which can be heard at a distance.
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Definition. The term "neodymium speaker" refers to speakers that are made using neodymium magnets. Conventional speakers have typically been built with iron-ferrite magnets
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The main, primary, or most important speaker at an event. From etymonline.com: keynote (n. also. key-note. "lowest note of a musical scale, basis of a scale, 1776, from. key.
There are no polarity on any single speaker. If 2 or more speakers are to be connected, the way they should be connected is in parallel, so that when one membrane is going out, the
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a person who speaks.
a person who speaks formally before an audience; lecturer; orator.
(usually initial capital letter) the presiding officer of the U.S. House of Representatives, the British House of Commons, or other such legislative assembly.
an electroacoustic device, often housed in a cabinet, that is connected as a component in an audio system, its function being to make speech or music audible.
a book of selections for practice in declamation.
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Speakers are electronic devices that contain a transducer that converts electrical signals into sound waves. Speaker systems are of four main types namely outdoor public address speakers, basic hi-fi stereo speakers, miniature speakers and surround sound speakers. The main difference between speaker types is size, sound management and output capacity.
The word speaker refers to a person who talks or a person who speaks formally before an audience. This word is of Middle English origin and its first documented use dates back between 1275 and 1325.
A speaker transmits vibrations from the sounds coming through the amplifier of a media device. Those vibrations are then picked up by the eardrum and the brain again interprets them as sound.
A speaker is an electric transducer that has the capability of producing sound. It is able to produce this sound using the input of an electrical audio signal.
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